Make sense of content

Make sense of content that impacts your work

Organize, annotate and collaborate on web pages and documents. Synthesize and develop insights. Drive actions, decisions and deliverables. Tap into the repository of insights anytime.

Challenges in using content

Content impacts deliverables, actions and decisions. We need to understand, synthesize and develop insights to be effective. However, …

Scattered Content
Content is scattered in repositories and web sites and is typically added to projects over time.
Buried Notes
Our notes are either buried in documents or in a separate application without context
Multiple Conversations
Conversations about the content are buried in multiple documents and in collaboration tools loosely connected to source
Hand with Help Sign

Lack of a unified workspace for content, notes and conversations results in …

Lost productivity

Missed deadlines

Information dropped through the cracks

Use Numici – Make sense of content

Consume Diverse Content

Consume diverse content in a uniform way

Organize content from different repositories and web sites into a workspace. Highlight, annotate and tag documents, web pages, notes and email. Multi-task with ease – pick up where you left off in any workspace with one click.

Collaborate in Context

Collaborate in context

Invite team to the project workspace. Engage in rich contextual conversation using highlights and annotations. Follow and join conversations in context from Slack and Microsoft Teams.



Stay on top of the content with a live digest of highlights, annotations and conversations. Drill down to the source using deep links. Add your insights and publish custom digests to multiple formats and channels.

Tap into insights

Tap into the repository of insights

Recall instantly any information from the growing tribal knowledge of your team.

Drive - Reports
Drive - Action Plan
Drive - Decisions

Drive actions, decisions and deliverables

Use the digest to create presentations, reports and blogs. Create action items in context anytime and track them in Asana or Excel. Drive informed decisions based on insights developed through synthesis.

Sample message

Sample message