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Research Process

Who does Research?

We all do, but may not think of it as research.

What is Research?

Our focus is the research we do for a task or a project – critically reading many documents and web articles and interviewing experts to develop a good understanding of the topic. As we read, we extract key information, add notes to capture our insights, and collaborate with team members. We use the synthesis of our research as the basis to create articles, newsletters, podcasts, presentations, reports, white papers, etc.

Why should I use Numici?

The patchwork of ad hoc tools used today makes research unwieldy. Numici enables us to organize diverse content and connected notes in one collaborative workspace. We can synthesize key information and insights with one click, saving time and ensuring that important information is not dropped through the cracks.

Numici makes researching easy

Capture key information

Capture key information from web pages and documents simply by highlighting or taking a screenshot.

Attach notes and tags.

Organize Diverse Content
Organize diverse content into workspaces.


Collaborate in Context
Collaborate using contextual conversations around highlights and notes.

Synthesize your research
Synthesize your research with a digest of notes, highlights, and conversations.

Use powerful queries to customize the digest.

Develop deeper understanding with interconnected notes.

Share Insights
Create content using Numici Digest as the foundation.

Share digest or individual notes in email, enterprise applications, social media and web pages.

Build Organizational Knowledge
Your research automatically becomes a part of your Organizational Knowledge in Numici.

Find content and notes with powerful search.

Make Numici the home for your research

Use Numici to organize, capture, collaborate and synthesize research before creating deliverables and making decisions. Numici is the only solution in the market that addresses the full lifecycle of research and is integrated with leading productivity and collaboration tools, social media, and cloud repositories.

Improve Quality
Meet Schedules
Lower Costs

Engineering Research and Development

Engineering Research and Development