Use Numici to create and post impactful content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very effective platform for promoting products, services and one’s professional brand. An efficient way to do this is to post on the platform. Posts can be self-authored or point to content about your product, service or articles of topical interest.

  • Your posts are competing with thousands of posts for the reader’s eyeballs. You only have a few seconds before the reader moves on.
  • Experience has proven that giving a reader an overview of the content (snippets & commentary) significantly increases the chances of the user clicking and reading the content in full.
  • Numici makes this very easy to do. With a few clicks you can highlight excerpts to create an overview, add optional commentary and post to LinkedIn without leaving the article you are reading.

Below we show the steps required to sign up for a Numici account, connecting it to your LinkedIn account, creating impactful posts and sharing them.

  1. Add Numici Extension to Chrome
  2. Sign up for a free Numici account
  3. Authorize Numici to connect to your LinkedIn account
  4. Create a Post
  5. Post to Groups or Send Private Messages

Add Numici Extension for Chrome  (top)

Stop copying and pasting back and forth between the article you want to share and LinkedIn.

Using the Numici extension to Chrome on your computer, you will be able to highlight text on web pages, create a curated LinkedIn post and share it, all without leaving the web page.

Sign up for a free Numici account  (top)

Once you add Numici extension to Chrome, click on “Go To Login” button

You can sign up for a free Numici account in three ways

  1. Sign in using Google. Numici automatically creates an account using the email id associated with your Google account as Numici login id.
  2. Sign in using Slack. Numici automatically creates an account using the email id associated with your Slack account as Numici login id.
  3. Click on Register and provide the required information in the form presented.

Authorize Numici to connect to your LinkedIn account  (top)

Click on the hamburger menu and then click on “LinkedIn” in the drop down. The options in the drop-down list depend on what integrations have been enabled for your Numici account. If you don’t see “LinkedIn”, please check with your Numici contact or send an email to

You will see this message from LinkedIn asking you to authorize Numici to connect with LinkedIn. Click “Allow”

Create a Post  (top)

Follow these steps to create a post and share it in your feed visible to everyone or just to your connections.

Choose excerpts and add commentary

Navigate your Chrome browser to the content you want to post, a New York Times article in this case and enable the Numici extension. Select the information in the article you want to appear in your overview and click on highlight in the pop-up. If you want to also add your comments to the highlighted text, click on Annotate button instead.

Once you are done highlighting and commenting, click on the share icon at top right of the Numici side panel.

Configure settings for your post

In the next screen, the default settings shown are ideal for posting on LinkedIn. Just click on the LinkedIn Icon as shown below.

Share on LinkedIn

Numici constructs the post for you using all the highlights from the web page (enclosed in double quotes) and any associated comments. You can manually edit the post if needed. Your post can be at most 1250 characters, and you will see an error message in red if this limit is exceeded. You can edit appropriately before posting.

The default selection for visibility of your post is Connections. You can change the it by clicking on the dropdown as shown below. Click POST to send to LinkedIn.

Once posted you can view the post on LinkedIn by clicking on “View Post” as shown below.

Your LinkedIn post will open in a new browser tab

At any time, you can view all the posts created and shared by Numici on your behalf by clicking on LinkedIn from the hamburger menu in your Numici account.

All the posts shared using Numici are shown with the most recent first. You can click on “View Post” on any post to view it in LinkedIn

Posting to Groups or Sharing as a Private Message  (top)

Please note that if you select posting to a group or sending it as a private message in the “Share Article …” screen,

you will see the following message. Click on “Go To LinkedIn”:

Numici copies the post you just created to the clipboard and takes you to the Share Content page in LinkedIn.

Once you select the group or person you want to share the post with, copy the post content from the clipboard to the message area. Below is an example of the LinkedIn screen for sharing the post as a private message with one of your contacts.

Please note that messages posted to groups or sent as private messages do not appear in the LinkedIn integration page in your Numici account. The reason for this is that Numici was used only to construct the post and sharing it was done directly on LinkedIn.