Customer Stories & Use Cases

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Research

Ravi Shankar, an IT professional at Cabot Partners, was hired by IBM to write a marketing white paper on integration technologies. He used Numici to organize and synthesize his research and used the digest as input to his white paper.

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Research for a Newsletter

FutureFactor360, a strategy consulting firm, was engaged by NASSCOM to create the Engineering Research & Development newsletter. Priyanka Mohapatra, in charge of the industry content, captured and synthesized it using Numici.

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Market Research Report

An Analyst wants to publish a report on the Smart Home Technology market. He captures, organizes and synthesizes key information from articles, documents, and interviews using Numici and uses the digest as input for the report he creates.

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Competitive Analysis

Product and Market Analysis

A Product manager and a Product marketing manager at a software company collaboratively research the market and competition for the company’s flagship product and publish a digest of their work to the management and sales teams.

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Research by Freelance Writers

Writers research the topic they are covering in depth. This research typically involves extracting relevant information and taking notes as they gather information from websites. Numici makes this process very easy.

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Science and Technology Research

Science & Technology Research

Scientists and engineers researching into specific topics read a number of research papers and articles posted in academic, scientific and technology websites and use a digest of their research to write proposals, publish literature reviews etc.

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