Numici – Microsoft Office Integration

Numici is integrated with multiple Microsoft Office applications to make research using Numici in an enterprise environment seamless.


Numici is the only complete solution in the market that addresses the full lifecycle of research required for impactful content creation. Microsoft Outlook is the leading email platform in the enterprise and Numici integration with Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to share your research notes with your team members, partners, and customers.

Many Numici users work in teams and also collaborate on their research with customers and partners. The notes created by users in Numici, either standalone notes or notes attached to web pages and documents or content within those, are stored in the Numici repository. Numici allows users to share their notes – a single note, all the notes in a document or web page, or a digest of notes from all the documents in a Taskspace – using a variety of methods including email. Without the Outlook integration, when the user shares their notes with others using email, Numici server sends the email using a common email address “” vs sending it on behalf of the user using the user’s own Outlook account. Emails sent from a generic address may create several challenges for the user:

  • The recipient may not see the email because it may end up in their spam folder or the user may be reluctant to open emails from an unknown sender, both of which can have an adverse business impact on the user.
  • The recipients are unable to reply to the notes shared from a generic email address and this may again have a negative impact on the communication between the user and their customers, partners, or team members.

These problems are solved by enabling the Numici – Outlook integration which allows Numici to send the email on the user’s behalf. Users can send the email immediately or save it as a draft to be sent later.

The user must do a one-time setup to grant permissions to Numici to send emails on their behalf from their Outlook account and to save/manage drafts.


OneDrive integration allows a Numici user to seamlessly use files in OneDrive as part of their research. Numici user’s research may include useful content in PDF files. Numici allows a user to upload PDF documents into the Numici repository and then highlight important content in the file as well as attach notes with their own insights. In an enterprise environment, some of these PDF files may be stored and shared in Microsoft OneDrive. If the user enables Numici – OneDrive integration, they can navigate the OneDrive file hierarchy from Numici and add the relevant files to a Taskspace in Numici. Without the integration, the user would have to first download the file from OneDrive to their computer and then upload it to the Numici repository.

Highlights and notes added by the user in Numici are stored in the Numici database and not in the original PDF file in OneDrive. Numici was designed this way to ensure that user highlights and notes are only seen by the users with whim they share the Taskspace.


Numici integration with Microsoft Teams allows a user to share individual notes, all the highlights and notes in a document or a web page or a digest of highlights, notes and conversations in a Taskspace in Microsoft Teams. Team members in Teams can click on the shared note or digest or see more details in Numici or in the original web page or document. This integration extends the conversations in Teams into the context of the documents and web pages of interest.


Numici integration with Microsoft OneNote allows a user to copy or append individual notes, all the notes in a document or web page or an entire digest of notes from a Taskspace into OneNote documents. When the user chooses to share notes in Onenote, they have the option of creating new Onenote documents or sections and pages withing existing documents or append to an existing document/section/page. The user can include deep links into the original documents or web pages enabling the reader to get the full context of the note with one click.

User data in Microsoft Office

User data from Microsoft Office is used by Numici only for the purposes as described in the different integrations.