Investment Analysis

Audience: Any person doing investment analysis and research.

Final Result: Publish a report/document based on the research.

Use Case: An equity analyst wants to publish an analysis on a stock in the portfolio, just prior to an upcoming earnings call.

  • Relevant Docs pre-loaded in the repository: SEC filings, company presentations from IR site. Ability to upload Analyst reports, Meeting notes.
  • Powerful Document search: using tickers, keywords, document types, timeframes.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Highlight, make notes, engage in conversations around documents or highlights.
  • Create summary digest with one-click.
  • Better organize your workspace with Taskspace. Whether it is focused by earnings calls, or initiation of a new position, use Taskspace to gather relevant information, highlight/annotate, share with colleagues, easily switch context across multiple tasks and projects.

Step 1: Create an outline of the report. I used Numici Editor (included with numici), but you can use your favorite authoring tool e.g. Office 365, Google Doc. See the screenshot of the outline, and a list of documents that I would need for this research.


Step 2: Gather the documents that are likely to have the relevant information. In my research, these would be prior earnings transcripts, SEC filings like 8-K and 10Q/K, company press releases. I used numici search with ticket=AAPL, DocumentType=Annual & Quarterly, Timeframe=3months to get my documents.


Step 4: Create a Digest of all the notes


Step 5: With Digest in one window and Numici Editor in the other, I capture the necessary annotations and complete my analysis and recommendation.