UC - Team in competitive analysis

A Journalist at an online publication has to write a 1000 word piece on the rise of Bernie Sanders.


Journalist Four701 – Political Journalist

Editor Four701 – Editor

Competitive Analysis - Collaboration in Slack
Numici synthesizes all the highlights and notes in a Digest
Opens the Taskspace in 2-pane mode
  • He opens the Taskspace in 2-pane mode, with Digest in right Pane, and built-in Numicieditor in left Pane. Alternatively, he can copy-n-paste the Digest content to his editor of choice.
  • A Digest shows a synthesis of all his research notes, links, references, timestamps.
  • He starts writing his article in the left Pane, often referring to his notes in the right pane, and copy-n-paste the reference as needed.
Slack Direct Message

Once the Draft is complete, he adds Ann (the Editor) to the Taskspace and send her a message (email or a Slack Direct Message with a link to the Draft) asking for editorial review. Ann clicks on the link and is taken directly to Numici where she can review and comment.

After her review, Ann decides to add a new document with highlights to the shared Taskspace, and suggests including it in the revised Draft.

Task space