Getting started Demo (Video)

Learn the basics of using Numici to research any topic In this demo video, we show you the basic steps in researching any topic using Numici: 0:00​ Install the Numici extension for Chrome 0:52​ Understand what a Taskspace is and create one 1:41​ Extracting key information from a web page by highlighting and attaching your

Curating and Synthesizing Content using Numici

The articles in the showcase were curated and synthesized using the following steps in Numici. • Collect and organize documents and web pages with relevant content into a collaborative workspace • Highlight and annotate important information while reading the document or webpage • Collaborate with team members around highlighted information • Curate and synthesize the

COVID-19 Self-assessment and Testing

This digest is a compilation of important information from articles  related to self-assessment and testing for COVID-19. It was created using Numici by collecting and organizing notes, documents and web pages with relevant content, highlighting and annotating important information in each document or webpage, curating and synthesizing the information and finally publishing it here as an